Friday, March 16, 2007

Girl Scouts Thin Mints Cookies

With their saccharine "golly gee can you help us?" faces, who wouldn't want to buy cookies from harmless little girls? Or, as I now refer to them, crack dealers.

Experienced addicts know that we're talking about the Girl Scouts of the USA, the confectionery crime syndicate who's been stringing us out on their chocolate-mint wafer cookies for over 55 years. Deceptively named "Thin Mints", these things aren't just made with crack, they’re made with some sort of top secret, high-potency crack.

Opening a new box of Thin Mints (to me, a "crack pack") is both a thrilling and dangerous prospect. The only thing that keeps an entire box from evaporating before my eyes is that it contains two sealed plastic tubes of cookies. But as soon as you break the seal on one of those… *poof* …it's gone.

It’s not just that it's hard to stop eating these things. Once they're gone, withdrawal symptoms start to set in. Where will the next fix come from? Fortunately, I keep a spare box in the freezer… frozen crack is awesome!

For alternate reading, I recommend A Tale of Chocolate Addiction and its Tiny Peddlers.

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