Friday, March 02, 2007

Tim's Cascade Style Jalapeño Potato Chips

It's funny... I don't even like potato chips all that much, unless they've got some kick-butt flavor. And if there's one thing the flavor in these thick and crunchy Tim's Jalapeño Potato Chips can do, it's kick your butt.

Sure, your lips are on fire, but would you have it any other way? These damned things are so good you'd swear the nutritional panel on that large 20 oz. bag said "Serving Size: 'Til You Run Out".

Sadly, the Tim's brand seems to only be available on the west coast (USA) so far.


Deb said...

*drool* These make me cough and make my lips burn... can I please have more?

Carrie said..., you can order them online!