Sunday, April 29, 2007

Greenlee's Bakery Cinnamon Bread

There are very, very few words that can do justice to the horrificly addictive properties of the cinnamon bread from Greenlee's Bakery in San Jose, California. It's so potent, that Mrs. Wise Cracker has banned herself from buying it ever again! OK, make that until swimsuit season's over.

If you look closely at the photo (click the picture, I dare you!) you can see the veins of crack throughout the loaf. And I'm quite certain that the crack-infused glaze is just as deadly.

If you live in the area and can get it fresh and warm from their bakery, check the corners for undercover narcotics agents... they'll be watching. If not, score it online or from one of their local dealers. It's worth absolutely every minute on the treadmill!


Deb said...

I'm so weak... I can't trust myself to buy this stuff anymore, because for some reason, it evaporates as soon as I'm alone in the car with it. I don't know how that happens, I swear!

But, it is MOST DEFINITELY made with crack, and everyone I know agrees. Evil, delicious stuff.

Tim Carney said...

Well, now they take online orders, there go my glucose level.

Unknown said...

It's disgusting that this is not available in the UK, after just spending four weeks staffing myself with it in calirornia, I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms and going cold turkey, only good side i will lose weight

Unknown said...

What a tease. A local supermarket in Massachusetts began stocking Greenlee's Cinnamon Bread but, within a few months, stopped carrying it. Looking for somewhere else local to buy it.