Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blue Diamond Jalapeño Smokehouse Almonds

I was surprised to learn, even after all these years, that I was a relatively naive flavored-almond lover. Sure, I'd sampled standard Smokehouse® almonds. You know the ones, coated with smoke-flavored powder, whose addictive properties are legendary.

So I was wholly unprepared for the extra taste sensation of Blue Diamond Jalapeño Smokehouse Almonds. OK, so they won't burn your tongue off. But they do have an extra kick that says, "Hey there, ready to have some fun in your mouth?" I exercised every bit of warranted restraint... I bought an entire case.

A "serving size" is apparently only an ounce -- the label says "about 28 nuts". Right. My grandmother can pound 28 nuts before she's done dealing her first hand of pinochle. Plan to eat the whole freaking 6-ounce can. Heed the warning on the label though: "Peanut free. May contain other tree nuts." Like, say, almonds?